Over 20 years experience in China and Asia.

Karlheinz Schmuck,

 Owner / CEO
  • Graduate from technical High School (electronics) in Austria
  • Responsible for international Sourcing activities at company PHILIPS especially in South East Asia.
  • Working with PHILIPS in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore.
  • Experience especially in China, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam
  • Factory set-up for PAYER International Technologies in Suzhou (China) with up to 700 employees
  • Purchasing Manager and Business Unit Director at PAYER for over 17 years
  • Business responsibility for the China factory for more then 7 years
  • Running a Purchasing office in Hong Kong for 5 years
  • Since April 2012, CEO for AT Mechatronics Technology GmbH in Austria and Suzhou Mechatronics / Trading Co. Ltd. in China
Karlheinz Schmuck

Richard Lin,

 Vice General Manager
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Project Management and Coordination
  • Supplier Development and Sourcing
  • Quality Assurance

Mobile: +86 135 84887520
Office: +86 512 62583726

Richard Lin

Vivienne Zhang,

 Logistic Specialist
  • Customer Service
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Logistic Management
  • Customs

Mobile: +86 18068002842
Office: +86 512 62583729

Vivienne Zhang

Elaine Gao,

 Assistant to CEO
  • Team Assistance
  • Responsible for all Government issues
  • Finance and Book Keeping (with external Partner)

Mobile: +86 13771850672
Office: +86 512 62583727

Elaine Gao